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"A message was sent along...
with whatever happened to you."
"You may believe something is true,
even when the truth is far from it."
"Everything you ever wanted,
may not have been what was needed."
"Whatever you think you know...
the universe will always know more."
"The things you seek in this life...
have always been a part of you."
"A higher calling patiently waits for those
who are in search of it."
"Miracles appear when you truly understand
where they're coming from."
"It usually takes a lifetime to figure out
you were right all along."
"Surround yourself with those who acknowledge
they don't know everything."
"Be grateful for what you have…
your happiness depends on it."
"Your journey will continue to unfold
whether you’re ready for it or not."
"If you can't see what you already have,
you'll never know what you're missing."
"In your darkest hour you may long for the
road back home... never knowing
you're already on it."
"Finding yourself grateful…
will always protect you
from losing yourself"
"A deeper understanding of
why we exist... begins
with an interest in it."
"The time for someone to let go,
can only be decided by the
one who's holding on."
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